Psychology is eating my life please help

My current personal blog is vvvallyvvest, so if you're here for tampon related humor/puns/general aggression you should probably go over there
I'm using this as a dumping ground for study blogging
because somehow making jokes and mnemonics at other people is more useful than saying them quietly to myself

haha amazing how literally half the test was the chapter I didn’t study¬†



I studied everything except chapter 3

because who needs to know the anatomy of the brain right

Certainly not in a class like Neurobiology of Brain Dysfunction

nope not at all

Heads up I’m about to start using this side blog as a place to liveblog my studying so

7 random followers that are somehow here

I hope u like neurobiology

New current URL is vvvallyvvest this blog still isn’t active

This blog isn’t active guys, this is just a sideblog so no one steals my usual URL.
My current URL is nlghtvvlng